Xbox and PlayStation Network Live Now – Lizard Squad Stops Attacks

Yesterday, the Xbox Live and the PSN were down for for over 24 hours, thanks to the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad. Xbox Live was down for about 40 percent of the users whereas PSN was down for about 70 percent of the people, making it the biggest attack by Lizard Squad in the PSN and the Xbox Live and now both are back online and it seems like the group has stopped its attacks on both the networks.

Sony and Microsoft can't do much

Many people are blaming the Sony PSN and the Microsoft's Xbox Live for not putting up additional security measures but this is not how DDOS attacks work. More servers or better security won't work against such attacks as these take place when multiple systems flood the bandwidth of the target system in this case the PSN and the Xbox Live servers. More attacking systems make the attack more powerful and harder to be stopped, also keeping the anonymity of the attacker well hidden. This compromises the load on the servers and new connections cannot be accepted as the server capacity is at max. More servers are not a very good solution where the attacker can cheaply add more machines comparative to the servers and this will end up crashing the website. The only effective way to stop such a machine is to detect it at the ISPs and internet gateways and to stop them letting  their request through.

Both Networks Seem to be Back Online For Good

Why the sudden change of minds for Lizard Squad? It's definitely not because they've started caring for us. Twitter user DotCom (founder of Mega-upload) offered Lizard Squad a lucrative deal in return for them to stop these attack. He tweeted his deal with a Screenshot of the conversation. The Tweet was:

"A Christmas Miracle. How @MegaPrivacy saved @Xbox & @PlayStation from the @LizardMafia attack. Enjoy your games!"

The conversation Screenshot displayed on twitter was as follows:

On acceptance of the deal, Lizard squad tweeted:

"Attacks were stopped around 2 hours ago, the current downtime is just the aftermath."

The additional condition laid in the Lizard Squad was that if they continued to attack or attacked the PSN or the Xbox Live again, the vouchers will be terminated

DotCom: "But if you attack them again those vouchers will be terminated. OK? and again, thanks for letting people play including myself"

Lizard Squad: "No Problem"

Have fun playing online with Xbox Live and PSN.

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