Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection Giveaway – Enter for a Chance to Win a Steam Code!

Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection

Guild Wars 2 is all about celebrating these days between the tenth anniversary and the game's release on Steam. As such, we have partnered with ArenaNet to host a sweepstakes giveaway for the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection.

This version of the MMORPG (priced at $99.97 on Steam) includes every piece of content released so far by ArenaNet: the three expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons) and five seasons worth of Living World episodes.

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Enter the giveaway below for a chance to be selected as one of the five lucky winners in a week's time. Good luck!

Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection Giveaway

Players who log in to Guild Wars 2 will also find a new series of achievements taking them on a journey through the best content, including world bosses, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, Living World, World vs. World, Player vs. Player, and more. Completing new tasks across these modes will earn Proofs of Legend, which can be traded in for a new Decade armor set. Complete enough achievements, and they’ll also unlock the Decade’s War cape skin and their choice of a weapon from the new Dragon Decade set. Characters celebrating their 10th birthday will also receive an extra Proof of Legend to kickstart their collection.

Twitch Drops are live now, too, and you can learn more about how they work via this blog post.

To remember the past deeds of Guild Wars 2 players, ArenaNet even prepared an infographic of the game's first ten years.

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VENGEANCE FOR ORR - Zhaitan has tasted defeat over 1.8 MILLION times

Over 4.5 BILLION Gold Coins have entered the Tyrian economy. That's equal in weight to 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools' worth of water!

Over 41 MILLION Fractals of the Mists have been cleared in 10 years of Guild Wars 2. That's over 11,000 clears per day!

ACHIEVABLE - The Agent of Entropy has been earned over 176 MILLION times, making it the most completed achievement in the game. All that salvaging is equivalent to a pile of over 35 BILLION items!

FELLED IN THE JUNGLE - Number of times Mordremoth has been defeated? OVER 1 MILLION!

Players have completed over 3.6 BILLION dynamic events. That's as many dynamic events as there are people living in Africa, India, and North and South America!

CONQUER THE CREATOR - ArenaNet developers have only succumbed to other players in PvP combat on 44,794 occasions

BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS - Players have crafted over 1.8 MILLION Legendary Weapons!

GETTIN' AROUND - There have been over 13 MILLION mount rides in Guild Wars 2!

HELP ME HELP YOU - Players have revived one another from downed state or death on over 1.8 BILLION occasions... which is helpful because on average 9 players die every second

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Training dummies have absorbed over 156 TRILLION damage. Poor guys...

KRALKATORRIK has been cut down on over 521,000 occasions!

PRIMORDUS & JORMAG - Rent asunder over 516,000 times!

SOO-WON has met her final end over 182,000 times!

Elder dragons have fallen beneath player blades over 4.1 MILLION times in the first decade of the game's existence!

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