Gran Turismo Sport Looks Amazing In New Animated GIFs; Runs At Solid 60FPS On Regular PS4; Driving Feels “Very Smooth”


Gran Turismo Sport, the upcoming new entry in the PlayStation exclusive racing series, has yet to receive a final release date, but select players are now able to try out the game before anybody else thanks to the recently launched closed beta. One of these users shared his impressions on the game, which are quite positive.

On the PlayStation 4 subreddit, user GamingSince95 stated that Gran Turismo Sport not only looks great, as can be seen in several animated GIFs shared by the same user, but also that it feels good, with cars controlling well and vert smooth driving. Performance also seems to be excellent, with the beta running at 60FPS on the regular PlayStation 4 with no drops or screen-tearing.

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It feels really damn good. Cars control well and driving is very smooth. A.I is by far the weakest thing about the beta though. I am playing on a standard PS4 and it's a solid 60fps with no drops or screen-tearing so far. I am probably going to get shit for saying this but Gran Turismo Sport is by far the best looking game on the PS4. It slaughters DriveClub both in graphics and gameplay wise.

GamingSince95 also commented on sound, noting how it's been improved from previous games.

Sound is significantly improved from the previous games. Cars sounds like what they should sound like. Polyphany Digital has done an amazing job with the sound this time around.

GamingSince95 elaborated on handling too, noting how it's a bit soft and floaty in the beta, but still fun.

Never played any of the forza games but handling for Gran Turismo Sport in the beta is a bit soft and floaty, but it is fun.

Gran Turismo Sport launches on a yet to be confirmed release date on PlayStation 4.