GoPro HERO11 Black Action Camera to Maintain Same Design as Older Model, With the Possibility of a Revised Sensor

GoPro HERO11 Black Action Camera to Maintain Same Design as Older Model, With the Possibility of a Revised Sensor

The HERO10 Black introduced some welcomed upgrades, most of which were possible thanks to the new GP2 chip. In terms of design, GoPro may not give significant attention to the HERO11 Black, according to the latest press images leak, which is not that concerning, but it does mean potential buyers may want to hold off on their purchase if they already own the current model.

HERO11 Black’s Revised Sensor Means the New Action Camera Could Record at Higher Resolutions, Assuming the Rumor Materializes

The press images shared by WinFuture reveal that apart from the ‘11 Black’ indicators present on the upcoming action camera, there will likely be no distinguishing element between the HERO11 Black and HERO10 Black. Though customers will see this as an unappealing move, there are some benefits to this. For example, for the few customers who do plan on picking up the HERO11 Black, you can continue using the same accessories that were bought alongside the HERO10 Black, including the battery and waterproof housing.

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Since the most significant changes will happen underneath the hood, it is safe to assume that GoPro will introduce a revised camera sensor for the HERO11 Black. This upgrade could allow the flagship action camera to record stabilized footage at a 6K resolution, but we will see if this rumor is true. For now, users can record 5.3K video at 60FPS, which is still overkill for a boatload of action camera owners.


We believe that a lot of customers will record at the 4K 120FPS option since it offers the best of both worlds in increased pixels and high framerate, so you can take advantage of slow-motion video edits. Other than that, the HERO11 Black maintains the dual-display feature present on the HERO10 Black, making it convenient for users to record themselves or take a selfie from the actual lens.

There is no word if the battery will receive an upgrade, but given that there is a lack of design, GoPro could only change so much in the overall capacity. What upgrades are you waiting to see from the HERO11 Black? Tell us in the comments.

News Source: WinFuture

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