Benchmarking Leak Of Huawei Nexus Shows Up – One Critical Feature Present


With the latest string of leaks from Nexus 5X coming through, we only wish that we had something more to talk about when Huawei Nexus was concerned. However, we have just stumbled upon the latest benchmarking leak of the smartphone, which states that it has one crucial feature not present in any device as yet.

Geekbench Shows That Huawei Nexus Will Be Running Android Marshmallow – Snapdragon 810 Has Also Been Reported To Be Present

According to a source, Huawei Nexus will carry the name Huawei Angler, and the latest benchmarking leak shows that the device will be running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810. A much more suitable chipset option would have been to incorporate Huawei’s own developed chipset, since there have been no overheating reports from any of them so far. Regardless, the benchmarking leak reveals that Snapdragon 810’s octa-core processor has been clocked down, a requirement that had to be followed in order to keep the smartphone’s temperature under total control.

However we feel that a much more resourceful option would have been to incorporate a more efficient heat dissipation solution, like the one Sony used in its Xperia Z5 Premium. Regardless, the clocked down processor will still do the trick in keeping the thermals below the recommended threshold, but it will still result in severe performance degradation, as you can see in the image below. Other specification details show that the device will also have 3GB of RAM, and a Type-C USB port, something that will play nicely when we want to transfer content from one machine to the other.

Despite the low scores, there is something to be happy about if we take the operating system update of Huawei Nexus in to account. According to the listed information, Huawei Nexus will be running Android Marshmallow ‘out of the box’ (Android 6.0), so we can expect a ton of improvements from the smartphone when it is officially announced. Speaking of announcements, the smartphone is expected to be showcased to the public during the end of September, or during the start of October.

In any case, we will keep you guys updated with the latest info. When Huawei Nexus gets released, would you guys be inclined to purchase it, assuming the price tag ends up being consumer-friendly? Let us know your thoughts.