Google May Not Have Ambitious Plans for Its Pixel 5; Latest Report Says Company May Ship Less Than 1 Million Units in 2020

Google May Not Have Ambitious Plans for Its Pixel 5; Latest Report Says Company May Ship Less Than 1 Million Units in 2020

Google’s ‘Launch Night In’ event is only hours away from kicking off, and a majority of the eyes will be focused on the Pixel 5, which is said to be the company’s ‘flagship’ for this year. With a high-end smartphone, a manufacturer will want to market it as much as possible and it’ll even have an ambitious sales target in mind. However, if a new report is to be believed, Google may not have the loftiest expectations as far as the Pixel 5 is concerned, and that could be due to a number of reasons, which we’ll be talking about right here.

Overall, Google Reportedly Plans on Shipping 3 Million Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 4a Units by the End of 2020

According to sources that reportedly informed Nikkei, Google’s Pixel 5 production limit is set to just 800,000 units for this year. Overall, the company might ship 3 million new Pixel models for 2020, and we’re assuming that a large percentage of that figure will be taken up by the Pixel 4a, Google’s latest mid-range handset that directly succeeds the Pixel 3a.

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While the aforementioned figure has been provided based on market performance, it could be adjusted if the current situation improves. According to the report, Google may have given a relatively modest order this year because the Pixel 4 lineup from 2020 didn’t sell well at all last year. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is one deciding factor that may have forced Google’s hand in pushing it for a rather conservative order.

If you think about it, Google’s ‘flagship’ for this year is said to start from $699, making it $100 cheaper than the Pixel 4’s launch price. A $100 price cut immediately makes it a compelling choice for customers since they’ll have more money to spare but other competing devices like the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition might also become a momentum-breaker for the company thanks to its rather low price tag if you compare the specifications.

In 2019, Google shipped 7.2 million Pixel handsets, a figure reported by research company IDC. Unfortunately, the aforementioned shipments tally is less than the intended 10 million target Google wanted to achieve. That can be attributed to the Pixel 4 family’s failure, as sales of both models were considered weak.

We’re mere hours away from Google officially announcing the Pixel 5 and if you want to be part of the action, you can check what time the event starts in your region. Also let us know down in the comments that despite the shipments forecast, do you think the Pixel 5 will be a successful launch?

News Source: Nikkei

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