Google Maps for iPhone and iPad Updated with New “Find Places Nearby” and “Know Before You Go” Widgets


Google Maps for iOS and iPadOS just received a wonderful update, adding two new widgets that will make your mapping experience a whole lot better.

New Google Maps Update Adds Two Important Widgets that Make Navigating and Searching Much Easier than Before

The name of the widgets pretty much give away what they do but here is a quick rundown anyway.

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The Find Places Nearby widgets lets you discover nearby places, obviously. Whether you want to navigate home, to work, find gas stations or restaurants, it all happens in this handy dandy widget.

The second widget is Know Before You Go. This allows you to have a quick glance at the traffic, reviews, timings and more before you head over to a place.

Using the new Google Maps widgets is pretty straightforward. Just find an empty space on your Home Screen and then tap and hold. Press on the + sign on the top left of the screen, find the Google Maps widget and add it to your Home Screen. It’s as simple as that.

If, for any reason, you do not see the new widgets, then bring app the app switcher and close Google Maps completely and follow the above steps to add the widgets again.

Google Maps is available for free on iPhone and iPad on App Store.