Google Could be Negotiating with Samsung to Use Assistant Instead of Bixby

Furqan Shahid

Google and Samsung are two of the biggest companies out there, and to many, the masters of their trade as well. According to a recent report, both companies are currently talking about a deal that would give Google a more prominent place in Samsung phones. If this deal goes down, then future or even current smartphones would see that the Google Assistant is getting priority over Samsung's own Bixby.

Users May Soon be Able to Choose Google Assistant over Samsung Bixby

The report comes from Bloomberg and talks about how there is a deal that suggests that Google Assistant is going to start receiving more prominence as opposed to what Samsung has to offer. Samsung happens to be the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, but not just that, it is also the leading Android smartphone manufacturing company in the US, and while all Samsung phones do ship with Android, which is owned by Google, of course. Samsung has been constantly trying to create an eco-system in which their own apps and services are given priority. We have seen this in the form of their own app store, and recently, in the form of Bixby voice assistant.

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That is not to say that Google is locked out as both the Play Store and Google Assistant are available on all Samsung smartphones, but Samsung has gone as far to include a hardware button for its Bixby assistant, clearly wanting to make Bixby the preferred assistant for everyone.

This is not the first time Google and Samsung are butting heads, they have come to the field numerous times over Samsung's practices of how they customize their Android phones before shipping them, mainly displaying just how TouchWiz UI was a huge source of conflict and controversy.

Whether the deal goes through is still to be seen, but honestly, we would not mind the ability to choose which assistant we want as default on our Samsung phones. Granted, you can remap your Bixby button with some customization but to have 1st party support is definitely something that has been missing so far.

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