Google Chrome 69 on Android Brings New Downloads UI and More

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The Android version of Chrome has a lot of catching up to do before it gets on par with its desktop counterpart. It lacks basic features such as the ability to rename downloaded files and choose a download location. Currently, when you click on a file to download, Chrome dumps it in the Downloads folder without asking you. However, XDA Developers discovered that the beta-release of Chrome 69 lets you specify the download location and even rename the file. The feature is enabled by default, but if doesn't work for you, it can be manually be toggled on by heading over to chrome://flags#enable-downloads-location-change. Ideally, it should be rolling out to all non-beta users in Chrome 69. It's hard to tell why Google waited so long before rolling out what seem like essential features for any browser, but we're glad that it's finally rolling out.

Chrome to add bandwidth usage alert on desktop and mobile

Along with the ability to specify your Downloads folder, a subsequent release of Chrome will also let you monitor the bandwidth usage of every webpage you're on. Dubbed as “Heavy Page Capping”, the feature lets you know if a webpage is using up your data. An average webpage that isn't running a lot of ads, javascript etc will fall under the 'low' category and video streaming sites under the 'high' category. The notification appears in the info-bar, giving users the option to pause loading on that page. The feature is disabled by default and has to be manually switched on by heading over to chrome://flags/#enable-heavy-page-capping. We're not entirely sure if the feature will make it to Chrome 69, so all we can do for now is wait. It might not mean a lot on desktops, but is a godsend for mobile users who have to work with limited mobile data.

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