Google Assistant Starts Showing Up On A Large Number Of Android Devices

Zara Ali
Google Assistant

After a series of reports, Google Assistant is finally making its way to many more Android phones. Earlier, not many users have reported about the arrival of the assistant on their device, but now many users are talking about the debut of Google's AI assistant on their Android device.

To recall, a few days ago, Google first announced that it is going to roll out Google Assistant on devices running Marshmallow and above. For the past 12 hours, more and more users are declaring the presence of Google's virtual Assistant on their Android devices. It is a server-side update, and your phone will get updated automatically without any manual drill.

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As the token of confirmation for the imminent arrival of Google Assistant on many more Android devices, the company uploaded a video about its usability. In the video, "it's here" bubble keeps showing up to confirm the release of the comprehensive update via Google Play services.

You can check for Google Assistant on your phone by long-pressing the Home Button. If your phone has got it, then the Google Assistant will automatically spring up as you press the Home button, if not then you might just see the usual Google Now on Tap. For now, the Google Assistant would only accept English for the users in the United States. Google is expected to add more languages in the coming weeks.

How to check for Google Assistant on your Android device

Using Google Assistant is a cakewalk, you just have to press the Home button or say "OK Google" to activate it. You will notice a stark difference in the working of Google Assistant and Google Now, the former is much advance and treats your query in a better way. Now that Google has integrated it into more apps, wearables, and Smart Home devices, the Assistant will only get better. You can use it for several purposes - If want to listen to news rather than reading it, just activate the Assistant and say "Listen to the news.", It will read each news piece in the pre-arranged sequential order or custom arranged order by you.

If your Android device runs on Android 6.0 or higher, you will soon be getting Google Assistant. You have to be patient for the AI assistant to arrive on your phone, being a server-side update, it may take up to weeks. There are more than 500 million Android devices that are powered by Android 6.0 or higher, which is why Google cannot roll out the update for all at once.

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