Godfall Dev: Playing with DualSense Is Incredible; PS5 Social Features Are So Much Better


Godfall was the very first PlayStation 5 game to be announced back at last year's The Game Awards. A so-called 'looter-slasher' game with coop elements for up to three players, Godfall is in development at Counterplay Games and will be released as a PlayStation 5 launch title.

In a new interview with the PlayStation Official Magazine UK (December 2020, issue 181), Counterplay CEO and Co-Founder Keith Lee talked about the pleasure of having implemented the PS5 controller's features in such an action-packed game and how the DualSense enhances immersion in Godfall.

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Playing with the DualSense now, it's incredible. You can actually, almost in a way, imagine that you can sculpt and shape the vibration and the sensations, being able to create a game or a world where it feels completely dynamic and living, and that is reacting to you.

The way that we've designed it, there's this moment where the swords feel physical, that there's a resistance, there's a clash, and then your sword would bounce back and you feel it.

It's all the hundreds of different subtleties that we add that makes you walk away saying, 'I felt like I was there. Yeah, it wasn't just me looking at a rectangular screen'.

As mentioned above, Godfall will also support online cooperative play and Lee also praised the new social features of the PlayStation 5, which make it easier to connect and play with friends.

It's now much easier to go from invite to voice, plus play, than ever before. That's to me the biggest value to the player. It's being able to just get an invite, boom. Again, get onto voice and play with my friends as quickly as possible without a lot of 'How do I do this?' and the confusion around that. And they have a new, improved social overlay card for arranging social play sessions with a friend. That's just so much better.

As a reminder, Godfall is also coming to PC on November 12th as an Epic Games store exclusive (likely for a year before it becomes available on Steam, too).