New Gigabyte X58A-UDP7 board reveals 7 PCI-Express slots?

No i didn't mistype the topic Gigabyte X58A-UDP7 motherboard pictures got leaked on bit tech revealing not 2 not 3 or even 4 slots but a jaw dropping 7 PCI-EXPRESS SLOTS!!! who the hell would need 7 PCI-Express slots? can anyone even go past 3-Way SLI or Crosfire? who would in their right mind would even buy those many cards or a 2,000 WATT power supply to power all those beasts when a 3-Way is the LIMIT?


Forget about the fact that it has 7 completely useless slots, consider how much the price would be? i imagine the price would be WELL OVER $1000 easily even IF there is a person in their right mind to buy this i would only consider 0.00000001% of the TOTAL world population would even THINK about buying this board, instead of giving the entire board to card slots they could have given the heat sink a better look a $500 EVGA board has a better on board copper cooler which SUBSTANTIALLY reduces your processor temps by a very good margin!

An email from Gigabyte even confirms that this is an actual work in progress but it will be called GA-X58A-UD9 when released. So Gigabyte invented a 7-way SLI/Crossfire board ... lets see how many "sane people" actually buy into this malarkey.

Source: EXPreview

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