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AMD complaint to USITC sparks investigation of Realtek Semiconductor & TCL Industries Holdings for violation of patents


AMD claims that Realtek Semiconductor and TCL Industries Holdings have violated five patents. This complaint has reached the United States International Trade Commission (USITC), which is now investigating the claims made by the two companies.

Realtek & TCL are under investigation by the International Trade Commission for patent infringement by defendants AMD

Patents under investigation by the USITC include specific graphics systems and components and digital televisions using components from Realtek and TCL Industries Holdings, including all subsidiaries. All items are currently imported into the United States with the intent of selling, which is why the USITC has become involved.

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The complaint by AMD began last month on May 5th, with a request to cease and desist any orders of the products under investigation. The investigation by the USITC was announced at the beginning of the month. The claim by AMD and its subsidiary company, ATI Technologies ULC of Canada (Now Radeon Technologies Group), states that companies Mediatek and TCL Industries have violated up to five patents that cover graphics technologies in various products.

AMD patents that are under investigation are:

Both patents reference a processing unit with the capability for asynchronous task dispatching.

ATI Technologies ULC of Canada patents under investigation are:

The three patents cover technologies such as a multi-threaded graphics processing system and a graphics processing architecture that utilizes a unified shading technology.

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AMD is not new to claims of other companies infringing on their patents. In 2017, LG, Vizio, Mediatek, and Sigma Designs were under fire by the two companies and the USITC, which all companies settled out of court. The only exception is Mediatek, who AMD sued with claims of violating several patents the company.

However, this new patent infringement claim states that TCL Holdings and Realtek have infringed on Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930. The 1930 Tariff Act conditions that the USITC's Chief Administrative Law Judge must appoint the current Administrative Law Judge to manage the hearing to decide if there has been any violation of Section 337. In the next month and a half (forty-five days from the claim), the USITC will need to run and complete the investigation to determine falsehood.

Should TCL and Realtek be found guilty of violating patents made by AMD, the company will be required to pay the licensing fees for utilizing the technology in their products.

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