Gigabyte & AORUS B660 Motherboard Lineup Leaks Out, 29 Motherboards Featuring Both DDR5 & DDR4 Flavors


Gigabyte's & AORUS's B660 motherboard lineup has leaked out and there seem to be at least 29 variants in the works, featuring both DDR5 & DDR4 flavors.

Gigabyte Has 29 B660 Motherboards In The Works For Mainstream Intel Alder Lake PCs

The Gigabyte / AORUS B660 motherboard lineup includes a total of 29 motherboards of which 12 are DDR5 variants and the rest of the 17 models are DDR4 compatible. The lineup is very vast and covers the entire spectrum, ranging from the top AORUS Master to the entry-level HD3P design.

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Following are all the B660 motherboards that you can expect within the lineup:

Gigabyte B660 DDR5 Motherboards:

  • B660 AORUS Master
  • B660 Gaming X
  • B660M Gaming X AX
  • B660M Gaming X
  • B660M Gaming AC
  • B660 DS3H AC
  • B660M Gaming
  • B660M DS3H AC CEC
  • B660M D2H
  • B660M HD3P

Gigabyte B660 DDR4 Motherboards:

  • B660 AORUS Master DDR4
  • B660 Gaming X AX DDR4
  • B660 Gaming X DDR4
  • B660M Gaming X AC DDR4
  • B660M Gaming X DDR4
  • B660M Gaming AC DDR4
  • B660 DS3H AX DDR4
  • B660 DS3H AC DDR4
  • B660 DS3H DDR4
  • B660M Gaming DDR4
  • B660M DS3H AX DDR4
  • B660M DS3H DDR4
  • B660M D3H DDR4
  • B660M D2H DDR4

In addition to the motherboard list, REHWK also leaked out the picture of the B660 AORUS Master (DDR5 variant) which features a very cost-effective design compared to the Z690 variant. The board comes with a 19 Phase power delivery, powered by an 8+4 connector configuration, features four SATA III ports, four DDR4 DIMM slots, three PCIe x16 slots (1 Gen 4 x16, 2 Gen 3 x4/x1), & a triple M.2 slot array (all covered in Thermal Guard heatsinks).

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The motherboard comes with a decent heat sink design and should launch at around $300 US when it launches on the 4th of January. In addition to the AORUS / Gigabyte motherboards, it looks like a few more of Gigabyte's & ASUS's motherboards also leaked out over at Videocardz.

Gigabyte B660 Motherboards (Image Credits: Videocardz):

ASUS H670 & B660 Motherboards (Image Credits: Videocardz):


These include the ASUS TUF Gaming H670-PRO WiFi D4, PRIME H670-PLUS D4, ROG STRIX B660-A Gaming WiFi, and the ROG STRIX B660-F Gaming WiFi. While B660 is planned for launch on time, it looks like the H670 motherboards might face a short delay or supply shortage at the beginning as we have been told that there's a small H670 chipset shortage produced by OEMs who have asked for the chipsets in advance for their pre-builts featuring Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Non-K CPUs.