GIGABYTE Announces Mid-Range PC Tower – The C200 GLASS


Taiwanese manufacturer GIGABYTE announced late on Friday of their new mid-range PC Tower; the C200 GLASS.

Gigabyte's C200 Glass chassis is a new mid-range tower beauty

PC-Gaming is a market that has grown even more in the last five years, mainly due to game-streaming and free-to-play games such as Fortnite and other games taking advantage of the 'Battle-Royale' boom.

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From their press release:

GIGABYTE C200 GLASS is made with black tempered glass on the front and side panel. The black tempered glass front panel is also equipped with stylish RGB lighting which gives the overall black front panel a hint of color. Also, the full-view side panel has a frameless design, which not only enhances the texture of the whole PC case but also brings out stylish and exquisite visual effects.

'C200 GLASS is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, audio ports, a reset button and a RGB LED switch on the upper I/O panel. By pressing the RGB LED switch, you can change the RGB lighting and effects on the front panel of the chassis with ease. It comes with seven built in colors and four color effects which allow the users to switch their own color styles as desired. In terms of expandability, a maximum of ATX size motherboards can be installed. C200 GLASS can be installed with fans and radiators on the front, the upper and the rear. It can support a total of 6x120mm fans and can be installed with 280mm radiators at the front and 240mm radiators at the top. For hard disk installation, it can support 2 sets of 2.5" SSD and 2 sets of 3.5" HDD exclusive installation space (3.5” HDD can be replaced by 2.5" SSD).'

C200 GLASS provides a solid installation configuration, internal airflow won’t be obstructed by the 5.25“ Drive Bay. Also, the stylish vent design on the sides will increase the airflow intake for greater ventilation, quickly dissipating the heat from the CPU and GPU for great ventilation. In addition, unlike most other chassis with a PSU shroud design, the messy cable power connectors can be hidden inside it. C200 GLASS also allows users to show off the side of the PSU for a stylish outlook while rigging. The removable dust filters are designed for users to make cleaning a much easier task.

With the space becoming even more competitive between manufacturers such as Acer, Biostar, Thermaltake, there's a massive demand for companies, and users out there to customise their gaming PC's to better differentiate themselves, especially when they want to show it off for their YouTube channel or live streams.

Airflow and easy-access are the main features of this mid-range case, especially at the top of the case where there are:

  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • Headphone Jack Port
  • Microphone Port
  • RGB LED customisation Button.
  • Reset the RGB LED Configuration Button.
  • Power Button.

With the C200 featuring RGB LED's, this is definitely more catered to the gamers rather than a work-environment using Outlook during the day, so eyes will be on the pricing for it, which is yet to be announced.

Availability for the case is also yet to be announced, but it's hoped that Gigabyte will announce this and the pricing later this month.