Ghost Recon Frontline is a F2P 100-Player Battle-Royale-Style FPS with Unique Objectives

Ghost Recon Frontline

Ubisoft has teased taking their Ghost Recon franchise down the battle royale path for a while, introducing BR-inspired modes in their last couple games, but now they’re fully embracing the trend. Just minutes ago during a 20th anniversary celebration of the franchise, Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon Frontline – a 100-player, free-to-play, battle-royale-style shooter.

In development at Ubisoft Bucharest, Ghost Recon Frontline promises some twists on the standard battle royale formula. Rather than just gunning to be the last man standing, Frontline will be taking more of an Escape from Tarkov approach, as you’ll be joining up with squads to acquire intel and then extract yourself from the island. Ubisoft is promising to add other objectives and game modes as well. Frontline will also have a class system, and the unique tactical tools you’d expect from a Ghost Recon game. You can check out the first trailer for the game, below.

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You can get a bit more detail about Ghost Recon Frontline from the developers at Ubisoft Bucharest, below.

Finally, here’s a quick peek at the game’s map (click image for full resolution).

Need know more? Here’s the official Ghost Recon Frontline description…

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline is a free-to-play, tactical-action, massive PVP shooter grounded in the renowned Ghost Recon universe. The game features an advanced class system and large set of tactical support tools allowing for complete freedom in strategic gameplay, with multiple ways to outsmart enemy teams and win every fight.

  • Unbound Tactical Freedom - Switch between different contractors, even in the heat of battle. Shape the battlefield around you by calling in tactical reinforcements such as deadly auto-turrets, smoke screen drones and massive barricades. There is always more than one way to win, and it is entirely up to what kind of strategic approach you will take.
  • Class-Based Squads - Team up with other players from all around the world and put together your perfect squad through a deep and impactful class system. Enjoy a tailored gameplay experience and bring your own tactical strategies to the field.
  • Massive Battleground - Discover Drakemoor Island, an open world full of diverse environments at the heart of the conflict in Ghost Recon Frontline. Consisting of multiple landmarks and distinct biomes, from high mountains to ruthless arid lands, and ever-changing weather conditions, Drakemoor Island requires unyielding adaptation.

Want to get in on the ground floor with Ghost Recon Frontline? You can register to be a part of early testing here. Ubisoft says a closed PC test should be coming soon.

Ghost Recon Frontline is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia. The game is currently without a release date, with Ubisoft cautioning it’s still in “early development” (although it’s apparently been in the works for three years already, so it can’t be that early). What do you think? Is this what you want from Ghost Recon? Let Ubisoft have it.

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