Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Getting a Standalone Release, Rivals Mode Next Month


Last year Sucker Punch surprised a lot of fans with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a new multiplayer mode for the acclaimed open-world game. Well, apparently Legends has proven to be a hit, because Sucker Punch is planning new features and a standalone release for the experience. You can check out a trailer for Legends’ new Rivals mode, below.

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Here’s a full rundown of changes and additions coming to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

  • Rivals Mode: In Rivals, two teams of two will compete to defeat waves of enemies. With each defeated foe, you’ll collect Magatama that you can use to harm the other team. For example, you can spend Magatama on Shades to block your opponents’ purchases, Curses (health drain, exploding bodies, etc), Hwacha fire, and more. Once you’ve spent enough Magatama, you’ll unlock Final Stand waves. Complete these before the opposing team to win!
  • Gear Mastery System: This is a new expansion of the progression systems and rewards for Legends. Players who’ve earned 110-level gear will now be able to bind it to a class and activate “Mastery Challenges.” This will allow a piece of gear’s Ki level to be upgraded to 120 and eventually unlock a second perk slot! As you activate Mastery Challenges, you can also unlock a new Ability and new Techniques for each class.
  • Other Updates: We’ve rebalanced the Survival mode to shorten the session length and added new weekly Survival Nightmare challenge variants. We’ve also unlocked additional cosmetics in Legends for players who’ve earned them in Jin’s story and New Game+.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches on PS4 and PS5 on August 20 alongside the first Legends update. The standalone version of GoT: Legends, which will set you back $20, as well as the Rivals Mode and the Gear Mastery System, will arrive on September 3. You can get more detail on what’s included in the GoT Director’s Cut here.