Get Flash Player for Samsung Galaxy S4 – All Browsers

Rafia Shaikh

Adobe is no longer releasing any updates for Flash Player for Android devices and the official support of Flash for the Jelly Bean is gone. Which means you cannot download it from Google Play like you used to do. But hey! This is Android, right? Nothing can be the end of the world or something. So this "official updates" leaving us alone does not necessarily mean that we would not be able to use Flash any more!

The Adobe Flash apks are still available on Adobe’s archive page and with a few tweaks it should work just fine. Thanks to the XDA developer ArianaGrande - who has shared the steps to get Flash Player on Android - we are writing down the very few easy steps to get that lovely player on your browsers of Samsung Galaxy S4. It should work on all the browsers, except Chrome. Yes, sad.

Steps to get Flash Player for Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Download the the flash player apk from this link: com.adobe.flashplayer-1.apk.
  • Connect your Galaxy S4 with your PC and copy the apk on your phone’s sd card.
  • Go to Settings Security and enable Unknown Sources - steps you do when installing apps outside the Play store.
  • Install the apk.
  • Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Flash player should be working on all of the browsers of your Galaxy S4 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean device. Except Google Chrome.
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