GeoHot flees to South America, Run away or vacation?

GeoHot is not an uncommon name; the name is a prime example of a hacking / jailbreaking gone wrong. For his recent achievement of jailbreaking the PS3, George Hotz was awarded with a lawsuit against Sony Entertainment. So far the case has been tipping in favor of Sony in many ways and recently George was planning on convincing the courts that Sony has been misleading them.

But suddenly news of him going to South America has surfaced, some sites report that he has done this to escape his legal trouble and some other sites are reporting that Hotz is on vacation, right now it can not be verified that which site is telling the truth, but how can you honestly consider a vacation when you are in the middle of a very serious lawsuit? I don't want to sound completely biased against George or anything but I am betting my cards on legal trouble run away plan, but again it could be that he might be on vacation. This is after all a civil case so the chances of him being on vacation are more likely.

Source: EuroGamer

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