GeoHot ordered to hand over computers

Rizwan Anwer

We aren't strangers to the heated controversy between George "GeoHot" Hotz and Sony, It seems that Sony has had a win, The court has ordered GeoHot to hand over possession of his computers and other storage media which helped create the Jailbreak.

Of course the cats out of the bag now and 3.56 which is the latest firmware version was hacked within hours of its release, but the update getting cracked also helped ban many jailbroken consoles get banned from Black Ops with many hackers facing console bans off Treyarch servers. Maybe there is still some hope of keeping the hackers out of the games which many others wish to enjoy without some 12 year old kid coming on PSN and hacking his way through the leaderboards using homebrew applications on his jailbroken PS3.

Source: Electronista

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