Genesis Introduces the Rhod 250 Gaming Keyboard

Evan Federowicz
Rhod 250
Source: Genesis

Genesis has introduced the Rhod 250 gaming keyboard that features a modern design, with a deep black color scheme and a red strip toward the keyboard's bottom. The combination of the black color and the red color scheme fits into nearly any setup while still standing out on nearly any desk. One major feature of the Rhod 250 is the durable body allowing the keyboard to be spill/splash resistant. The availability of this keyboard is expected to be incredibly soon, with a price of $26.90.

The Rhod 250 gaming keyboard features a modern design while offering spill/splash resistance and a price of $26.90

The Rhod 250 gaming keyboard features an incredibly unique design, having a base color scheme of black with a red stripe towards the bottom of the keyboard. This design allows the keyboard to fit into nearly any setup without sticking out but offers a unique design compared to a solid black keyboard. This keyboard features high-quality folding feet that will allow you to adjust the keyboard to any player's specific needs.

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Source: Genesis

The Rhod 250 gaming keyboard is designed for gamers; this is shown in the durable material and the unique keyboard layout that this keyboard uses. The keyboard layout is easy to learn but offers some fantastic symbols for players. This keyboard uses membrane keys with a pressure strength of up to 55 grams.

These symbols are perfect for popular FPS games, including the common running and crouching buttons. This keyboard's layout also features a Windows Key lock that ensures stops players from minimizing the game, keeping the player's eyes on the action. The Rhod 250 gaming keyboard offers twelve different multimedia keys, allowing gamers to stay focused on the action without having to close the game to lower the volume to pause any background music.

This keyboard is resistant to spills/splashes; this ensures that no matter the liquid accidentally dropped onto the keyboard won't stop it from allowing gamers to play. This device is connected by a USB cable providing an 8 ms reaction time; this new device is stated to be available in the upcoming days and will have a suggested retail price of $26.90.

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