Raijintek Introduces the PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis


Raijintek announces its newest PC case, PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis, perfect for high-end PC enthusiasts who want both a fantastic looking case and fantastic compatibility with high-end PC components. The PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis is stated to release in the coming months and is stated to have a price of $250. This high price tag is due to the extensive support for a liquid-cooling loop and full-length graphics cards.

Raijintek Introduces the PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis that offers fantastic compatibility while keeping dual 4 mm tempered glass panels

The PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis is a perfect PC case for any PC builder that likes to show off the installed PC components. This is due to the dual 4 mm tempered glass panels located on the side of the PC case and the front. These tempered glass side panels don't hinder the airflow as they are located in the spot below the tempered glass side panel.

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For compatibility, This PC case can support anywhere from an ATX motherboard to a Mini-ITX motherboard with ease and offers enough space to support a graphics card with a maximum length of 430 mm.

For storage, the PAEAN PREMIUM PC case features just two mounting locations on the back of the motherboard tray, and can both mounting locations support either a 2.5" drive or a 3.5" drive.

Source: Raijintek

For air cooling, the PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis can support three fans mounted to the top, six fans mounted to the bottom of the case, three fans installed on the front, and a single fan mounted to the rear to act as an exhaust.

This large amount of fan mounts makes this case perfect for either air cooling or water cooling, as this case has a perfect mounting location for up to a 360 Distro-plate.

The front IO features two USB 3.0 ports, a single USB Type-C port, and dual HD audio ports, which are all arranged vertically.

The PAEAN PREMIUM ATX Chassis isn't currently available but is planned to release in the next coming months and will have a $250, which makes this PC case for PC builder enthusiasts.