General Nintendo Direct Likely to Air Next Week; Nintendo Nindies Showcase Reportedly Slated for Next Month – Rumor

Aernout van de Velde
Nintendo Direct

The rumored general Nintendo Direct is likely to air next week and Nintendo is reportedly organizing a Nindies showcase next month as well.

Over the weekend we reported on some tweets from Nintendo leaker and Spieltimes Journalist ‘Sabi’, who said that Nintendo will be airing two Nintendo Directs this month. One of them will likely be a Direct dedicated to the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, while the other one is said to be a general direct. The initial info about the two Directs this month came from ResetEra user and verified insider ‘Zippo’, which info was backed up by ‘Sabi’.

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As covered yesterday, this ‘general’ Direct probably isn’t happening this week. ‘Sabi’ has now again taken to Twitter to talk about the rumored upcoming Nintendo presentations and has also mentioned another presentation that Nintendo is said to be holding – a Nindies Showcase next month.

According to the leaker, with the Animal Crossing-dedicated Direct said be taking place on February 20, the general Direct is likely airing next week.


Regarding the rumored Nindies Showcase next month, ‘Sabi’ said this isn’t all too surprising based on Nintendo’s previous Nindies showcases in February/March previous years.



Sabi correctly leaked the entire E3 2019 and Gamescom 2019 lineup last year. Nintendo's previous general direct dates from September 2019. The Nintendo Nindies 2019 Showcase took place during last year's GDC event in March. A total of 18 Indie titles were showcased during the presentation, including former Xbox exclusive Cuphead.

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