GELID Releases the VOCE USB Condenser Microphone Designed For Streamers


GELID announces the VOCE USB microphone, which offers fantastic sound while maintaining an easy to connect format that many high-end microphones cannot achieve. The VOCE USB microphone has been designed with streamers in mind; this is showcased in the exceptional sound alongside the microphone's overall design. The VOCE microphone is currently available and features a price tag of $53.99.

GELID Releases the VOCE USB microphone, Designed with streamers in mind and features a full metal build allowing for high durability

The VOCE USB microphone creates a crystal clear sound that is supported by a 16 mm condenser capsule. This capsule uses a cardioid polar pattern with a precision electronic circuit featuring both high sound sensitivity and wide frequency response. This crystal clear sound is perfect for streamers as having a clear and easy to understand microphone can allow other gamers or viewers to understand clearly. This polar pattern, cardioid pattern, is ideal for single person streaming as the pattern eliminates sounds from behind the microphone.

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Source: GELID Solutions

The VOCE USB microphone comes included with a variety of different accessories. These accessories include a Boom Arm, a Pop Filter, and even a Foam Windscreen. The Pop Filter and the Foam Windscreen are designed to filter out any extra noise from the surrounding area. In contrast, the Boom arm is designed to allow the microphone to get very close to the streamer, easily and efficiently.

Source: GELID Solutions

Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd, stated, "VOCE is super simple and easy to start with. It gives exceptional sound quality, and thanks to its plug&play nature, you don't have to be an engineer to enjoy your streams. You can push your energy into the content, not the recording setup."

These included accessories and the ease of connectivity that this USB microphone can offer to make this microphone a super-fast and seamless setup.

This microphone's build quality is fantastic partly due to the VOCE USB microphone featuring a full metal build, using Aluminum or Steel as the outer casing. The metal casing also allows the VOCE microphone to have high durability, meaning if dropped, the microphone should continue to work with little-to-no issue!

The VOCE USB Microphone is currently available on GELID's solutions; this microphone also currently has a price tag of $53.99.

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