Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Using a New and Efficient Super AMOLED Display

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Using a New and Efficient Super AMOLED Display

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3 last week, and the phone comes with a lot of improvements when you compare it with its predecessor. You are getting a faster processor, a better build quality, IPX8 water-resistant rating, high refresh rate, and S Pen compatibility. Now, the company has gone ahead and announced that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 actually ships with a better, more power-efficient display.

Samsung Display made an announcement earlier today that they have developed a new flexible OLED panel today called Eco OLED; this is the one used in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. As per the statement, the Eco OLED panel is 25% more efficient in terms of power consumption when compared to the panel that is found in the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Even Better Than Its Predecessor in Terms of Power Efficiency

This was possible because the company went for a new panel laminate structure rather than the conventional polarizer. The new structure manages to block the external light reflection and increase the light transmittance by 33%.

The polarising plate usually used in OLED panels is an opaque sheet that increases the OLED visibility by stopping the light from the outside of the panel from hitting the electrodes between the pixels and being reflected. However, it also decreases the light produced by OLED panels by over 50%. While other brands have been hard at work trying to replace the polariser, Samsung Display has become the first company to manage this. The Eco OLED also allows the UPC (Under Panel Camer) to be used below the screen for a bezel-less experience.

Samsung Display has trademarked this new technology used in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in seven markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, the U.K., and the U.S. Sungchul Kim, President and Head of Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display, said the following.

The Eco OLED is a groundbreaking technology that significantly lowers power consumption by improving upon panel design that has been the industry norm for years. With the shift to 5G and devices with larger, foldable screens, the industry needs energy-efficient components that offset the battery life concerns that these technologies can bring. In addition to the Eco OLED, Samsung Display will continue to optimize technologies and produce organic materials that reduce battery drain.

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