Philips Introduces The 272B1G Energy-Efficient Monitor 1080p FHD Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Source: Philips

Philips introduces the 272B1G that is an amazingly energy-efficient monitor that has some fantastic features that will be perfect for virtually any home office. This wide range of energy-saving features that are packed into this monitor includes everything from the Low Blue Mode to being created out of 100% recycled packing material.

The Philips 272B1G monitor is perfect for a home office featuring a 27" monitor size and a resolution of 1920 x 1080

The Philips 272B1G monitor features a Full HD display, meaning the resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is perfect for a home office and features a monitor size of up to 27". This monitor also features a refresh rate higher than the average of 60 Hz, this monitor's refresh rate being 75 Hz.

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Source: Philips

The Philips 272B1G monitor features a Low Blue Mode; this mode limits the amount of ultra-violet rays, which can cause eye damage. Shortwave-length blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and even affect vision over time. This technology is perfect for users that may be in front of the monitor for long periods, and this technology also reduces eye fatigue as well as eye strain.

Another fantastic feature of this monitor is its zero-power consumption with a 0-watt hard switch. This monitor features a hard switch located on the back of the monitor with a simple flick of the switch users can easily cut off the monitor's AC power. This is perfect for the user that wishes to reduce our carbon footprint by having this monitor have zero power consumption.

This monitor uses a new energy-saving design with a vastly efficient power supply. The power-efficient feature uses a new LED backlight technology, which maintains brightness and color using significantly less energy.

Another feature that this monitor is designed around is Philip's PowerSensor, and this technology produces harmless infrared signals to determine if the user is presently looking at the monitor. If a user isn't present, the monitor will reduce the brightness when the user moves away from the desk. This can cut energy costs up to 70 percent and even prolong the monitor's lifespan.

Source: Philips

For connectivity, this monitor features a total of four different video inputs, and these inputs include DisplayPort, HDMI, D-Sub, and DVI ports. Alongside those different video inputs, this monitor features a USB hub that has a total of four USB 3.2 ports.

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