Galaxy S8 Leak Leans Towards a 4K Display and Hefty Amounts of RAM

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S8

Though the release of Galaxy S8 has potentially been delayed as Samsung continues to find the reason behind the violent Galaxy Note 7 accidents, the latest leak shows that there are numerous hardware upgrades expected from the upcoming flagship, particularly from the 5.5-inch variant.

Galaxy S8 5.5-Inch Variant Expected to Feature a 4K display, Along With 6GB of RAM

This isn’t the first time that Galaxy S8’s specifications have been revealed. Previously, it was rumored that the smartphone was going to appear in two variants, and the 5.5-inch model was going to be rocking a 4K display. While we’re all up for 4K displays on a smartphone, it’s just that battery technology hasn’t evolved to the point where such devices will be able to provide us with days’ worth of battery life. Looking at the battery guzzling nature of 4K panels, we fear that the battery will not last long on a Galaxy S8 unless of course, Samsung uses the same approach that Sony did with its Xperia Z5 Premium.

Using adaptive display technology, the display would render 4K content when necessary. Additionally, Galaxy S8’s software, which according to the latest report, is already being worked and tweaked upon, could allow the user to manually reduce the resolution to conserve battery life. To jog your memory, this feature was also present in Samsung’s now abandoned Galaxy Note 7. The purpose of a 4K display will most likely be for rendering VR content. As you’ve all heard, the Exynos chipset variant of Galaxy S8 is said to come with ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU, which is not going to be a slouch when rendering VR content at the granddaddy of all resolutions.

Both the Exynos and Snapdragon 830 SoCs are going to be manufactured on Samsung’s 10nm FinFET architecture, so as far as being Daydream compatible goes, Galaxy S8 will definitely fit that category. The upcoming smartphone has also been leaked to feature 6GB of RAM, which is an overkill in my opinion. Tweaking the software is far more important than paying too much attention to hardware since this much RAM will consume slightly more battery life. We’ve already seen the cost of having too much RAM, and OnePlus 3 is a prime example that more RAM doesn’t equal better performance.

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