Galaxy S7’s Premium Edition To Feature 14-Core GPU And 4K Display


Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the successor of Galaxy S6 as 2015 nears end. Currently, Samsung's forthcoming flagship does not have any confirmed design and aesthetic changes, however, we do have an educated guess for what the Korean manufacturer might be up to. Samsung's Galaxy S6 was definitely a step up from its predecessor in terms of both hardware and software, while this year the competition is even more intense.

As leaks and rumors catches pace, we're hearing more about the internals and the configurations of the Galaxy S7. A new rumor from a tipster claims that the Galaxy S7 will have a Korean variant which is said to be a premium version, which might be limited to specific regions. As the name suggests, the device ranks above its European and North American counterparts. Along with this, there are some internal hardware changes in the report as well, which we will be talking about later on.

Let's dive in to see some additional details on the upcoming Premium Galaxy S7 and how it stacks up against its standard variant.

Galaxy S7 To Have A Premium Variant Limited To South Korea

Several leaks and rumors have been spotted on various social media platforms as well as different sources. According to the previous reports, the premium edition of the Galaxy S7 is said to feature Exynos 8890, which was recently launched by the Korean giant. The Exynos 8890 comes with the company's personal Mongoose M1 cores incorporated with four ARM cortex model. According to Samsung, the processor brags a lot of power.

The premium edition of Galaxy S7 could feature a 4K display and a 14-core GPU. The standard version of the Galaxy S7 will pack Samsung's in-house Exynos 8890 processor with 12-core Mali-T880 GPU. The premium version could have an impact in the graphics department with a 14-core Mali-T880 GPU. The premium edition is said to be available in South Korea, which is Samsungs's host market.

According to reports from Design & Trend, it is possible that half of Galaxy S7 units will be shipped with Snapdragon 820, while the remaining would be shipped with Samsung's in-house Exynos 8890 processors. Another report from the same source also coins that Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event will be held on February 21 in Barcelona.

This is it for now, folks. How do you feel about the two variants of Samsung's Galaxy S7? How will the graphics performance vary with a 14-core Mali-T880 GPU? Share your thoughts in the comments.