Galaxy S23 Ultra To Be The Only Model To Get A Vapor Chamber Cooler, Samsung Cutting Costs For Remaining Two

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S22 Ultra with vapor chamber cooler

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra could be better at keeping higher temperatures at bay compared to the less expensive models, which are slated to launch in the first week of February. That is because the flagship is rumored to ship with a vapor chamber cooler, but the company may not source the same solution for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23.

The base model may not ship with an elaborate cooling system at all as Samsung looks to cut corners and reduce manufacturing costs

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also shipped with a vapor chamber, and according to @OreXda, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to do the same. What the tipster did not mention is the level of improvements made to this cooling solution. Will Samsung increase the cooler’s surface area or thickness to improve heat dissipation? It looks like we will find out more in the future.

As for the remaining two models, Samsung is rumored to cut down on manufacturing costs, especially with the Galaxy S23. With the Galaxy S23 Plus, the Korean giant is still rumored to outfit a heatpipe solution, but the Galaxy S23 might get neglected altogether for whatever reason. @OreXda has not mentioned how the base model will keep the SoC and other components cool if it does not have any heatsink.

We guess that Samsung may use a combination of graphite foil and the chassis to keep the temperatures low. We do not know how effective this method will be at handling temperatures, so we will update our readers accordingly. While potential buyers might be livid at the fact that Samsung is only giving attention to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, let us take a look at the areas where the company is reportedly giving all models equal status.

In the chipset category, all three Galaxy S23 models are expected to ship with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with a higher CPU and GPU clock speed. Additionally, all three models are also rumored to get satellite connectivity like the iPhone 14, but aside from the ability to send and receive texts, these models may also be able to make calls when attempting to reach emergency services.

Also, given that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is mass-produced on TSMC’s 4nm process, it is power efficient on its own, so we would not worry too much if Samsung is giving the Galaxy S23 Ultra more exclusive upgrades. After all, look at the other features the remaining two models are rumored to get.

Image Credits - iFixit

News Source: @OreXda

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