Galaxy S21 FE Alleged Specs Show It’s a Slight Downgrade Compared to the Galaxy S20 FE


The Galaxy S20 FE offered an impressive blend of powerful specifications for a competitive price, which eventually contributed to the model being extremely popular in the U.S. This winning formula should compel Samsung to release a successor, possibly named the Galaxy S21 FE, in 2021. Unfortunately, it looks like the Korean phone maker could take one step backward with the newer model, assuming the alleged specifications end up materializing.

Samsung Expected to Downgrade to a 60Hz OLED Panel on the Galaxy S21 FE; Everything Else Could Get an Upgrade

Instead of incorporating a 120Hz OLED screen on the Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung could use a 60Hz panel instead. This move will likely be carried out for Samsung to reduce production costs and maintain the same pocket-friendly pricing for customers still looking to carry a premium handset as their daily driver. Unfortunately, it may come at the cost of hurting the company’s sales. However, it looks like Samsung might invest the cost savings in other areas, starting with the Exynos 2100.

Samsung Is Developing a Custom SoC for Its Galaxy Range of Phones, With Design Completion Expected in 2023

Manufactured on the more expensive 5nm node, the Exynos 2100 will give the Galaxy S21 FE the ability to duke it out with pricier flagships, as well as those powered by the Snapdragon 888. The alleged specs also mention 6GB RAM instead of 8GB RAM present on the U.S. variant of the Galaxy S20 FE. Samsung may introduce an 8GB RAM version of the Galaxy S21 FE in the United States armed with a Snapdragon 888, but if you’re living in a different region, you may not receive the same treatment.

The battery capacity may receive a small bump too. Where the Galaxy S20 FE features a 4500mAh battery, the Galaxy S21 FE could flaunt a 4580mAh cell. It’s not a monumental difference, but the efficiency of the Exynos 2100 could be useful in delivering improved endurance for the upcoming model. Currently, there are no details of the camera configuration, but it is mentioned that the Galaxy S21 FE will have an upgraded sensor over the Galaxy S20 FE and the Galaxy Note 20 series, so there’s something to look forward to in the imaging department.

Sadly, the pricing details weren’t provided either, so there are a few elusive for the time being. Eventually, we’ll come across these tidbits, but for now, let us know down in the comments on what you think about this alleged specs leak.

News Source: Clien