New Galaxy S10 Has Critical Features Detailed In Latest Leak

Ramish Zafar
Galaxy S10

As we're exiting 2018, news and rumors for the Galaxy S10 are starting to pick up the pace. The Korean tech giant is expected by several sources to launch three Galaxy S10 smartphones next year. These will be an entry-level gadget (allegedly the 'Galaxy S10 Lite'), the standard Galaxy S10 and the larger Galaxy S10+. Now, more details for the Galaxy S10 Lite have surfaced.

Samsung's Entry-Level Galaxy S10 Will Feature A Flat Infinity-O Display And A Price Tag That's Between $650-$750 Believes Source

It's an open secret that Samsung did not perform well in sales terms with the Galaxy S9 lineup, despite having launched the smartphones with its usual pomp and flair. The S9 lineup hasn't changed their design in years, and Samsung's variable aperture camera lens on the S9+ simply wasn't enough to drive up market numbers.

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Therefore, the Korean tech giant is rumored to go all out next year. Not only will Samsung launch a new entry-level Galaxy S gadget, but the company will also upgrade the Galaxy S10+ vastly over its predecessor. Today, VenyaGeskin, who is known for his concept renders for gadgets has posted some details for the Galaxy S10 Lite. Right now, we're not sure whether these details are Geskin's opinion or concrete facts for the smartphone.

According to the information, Samsung will launch the smartphone in three storage/RAM variants. These will start from 4GB + 64GB and end at 6GB + 128GB. Additionally, the tipster believes that the Galaxy S10 Lite will not feature an edged display; a fact that has also surfaced previously on the rumor mill. Geskin also suggests that the smartphone will feature a dual rear camera, and the gadget will have a price tag between $650-$750. Finally, as reported before, Geskin reiterates the absence of virtual fingerprint recognition on the S10 Lite.

11 years have passed since Apple launched the first mainstream smartphone, and the industry has fully matured. Therefore, manufacturers are struggling to provide big upgrades to high-end gadgets year-over-year. As a result, users have little incentive to upgrade their gadgets. Apple tried a semi-new approach with the iPhone XR this year as it indirectly responded to criticisms of high prices for the iPhone. Now, Samsung will try its hand with the Galaxy S10 Lite. However, we believe that both manufacturers are unlikely to see major improvements, and will only be able to maintain their bottom lines.

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