Galaxy S10 Plus Leaks In A Beautiful White Finish Ahead Of Launch

Ramish Zafar

As we head closer to its launch, leaks for the Samsung lineup have picked up the pace. The Korean tech giant has commenced mass production for the phones, and as its global distribution chains become active, some information is bound to leak. Today, we've got what is the first look at the ceramic Galaxy S10 Plus. Take a look below for more details.

Latest Galaxy S10 Plus Image Leak Shows A Beautiful Finish That's Likely To Do The Lineup Well

It's no secret that Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ did not perform well in terms of market performance. In fact, the devices became one of the most poorly performing Galaxy S smartphones to date, owing partly to a slowing market and partly to Samsung's slow approach to upgrades.

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The upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphones will change this, as not only will they revamp aesthetics over the S9/S9+, but they will also come with new features that are bound to impress users. The Galaxy S10 smartphones will feature brand new displays, and the S10/S10+ will also feature ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. Additionally, the S10 Plus will have a special variant that will borrow from Xiaomi. Today, we've got a live image for this smartphone that you can take a look at below.

As you can see above, the device is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus as it features a horizontal triple camera setup. Additionally, the ceramic finish is clearly evident and so is a stainless steel frame for the smartphone. Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus is rumored to be the company's response to Huawei, as the latter somewhat shook the flagship world by launching its Mate 20 Pro last year.

However, as leaks for the S10 lineup pick up the pace, we're yet to see new information for Samsung's mythical 5G capable smartphone. Earlier reports claimed that a special Galaxy S10 will feature 5G support, but as the days pass by, we're yet to see any concrete details surface for this device. Finally, the Galaxy S10 price for 2019 won't be easy on the pocket, as the lineup is expected to start from €749 in Europe. Finally, Samsung will launch the device on February 20th in San Francisco, California.

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