Galaxy S10 Plus Benchmarks Show Performance On Par With iPhone

Now that the Galaxy S10 lineup is official, the one big question that's on everyone's mind is about their performance. Given the current state of affairs ion the flagship smartphone world. it's down to either Apple or Samsung to take the processing crown. Right now, it's the Cupertino tech giant whose in the lead, with the fantastic A12. However, Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus will edge closer to, and might even surpass, if early post-launch benchmark trends persist. Take a look below for more details.

Early Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Benchmarks Paint An Optimistic Picture For The Smartphone

Given the dearth of real-life information for Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup right now, we've got only a handful of tests to go on. Unluckily for us, Samsung's representative at the company's Unpacked event in London did not allow us to run tests of our own on the Galaxy S10 smartphones. This led us to speculate that perhaps the company isn't confident for the devices' performance.

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However, as the days pass by, information for the three smartphones is surfacing at a respectable pace. Right now, we've got some benchmarks for the Galaxy S10 Plus from multiple sources. These show respectable performance for the smartphone and raise our hopes from the device's multi-core performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus GeekBench Scores:

Since they're the most abundant, we'll start off with GeekBench scores for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Prior to the gadget's launch, leaks for the Exynos 9820 variant of the S10 Plus didn't paint a good picture for the gadget. Scores that leaked for the Snapdragon 855 were better, and now it looks as if this processor will prove as Android's savior. Before you take a look at the table below, keep in mind that the iPhone XS Max scores an aggregate of 11,200 points in GeekBench multi-core and an aggregate of 4750 points in single-core tests.

Galaxy S10: Single-Core Multi-Core
Gsmarena (Exynos 9820): 4543 10521
Hothardware: 3521 11202
Toms Guide: 3521 10732
TYTG: 4469 10317

As is evident, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus does keep up with Apple's iPhone XS Max but doesn't cross 11,000 easily. As our sample is based only on four devices, this margin is small enough to be ignored at the moment. The device delivers healthier performance in single-core, and as a whole, you shouldn't expect major differences between the Galaxy and the iPhone as far as GeekBench's workloads are concerned for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Graphics Scores:

The next platform on our list is graphics. We've got scores for both GFX Bench 3.1 and 3.0, and they give a detailed first look at what to expect from the Galaxy S10 Plus and its Mali and Adreno GPU variants. We've got scores for GFXBench and 3D Mark for both the Adreno 640 and the Mali G76 MP12 GPU. Once again, the iPhone XS Max scores an aggregate of 4500 points in 3D Mark Slingshot. Additionally, the following are the smartphones' GFXBench scores:

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iPhone XS Max: Onscreen: Offscreen:
Manhattan 3.0: 59.7 125.0
Manhattan 3.1: 60 99
Car Scene 3.1: 47 60

Moving towards the scores for Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus, you'll once again have to keep some details in mind before analyzing these scores. The values for Car Scene and Manhattan 3.1 are for the Exynos 9820, and those for the others are for the Snapdragon 855. The difference between the two SoC's GPU is also clearly visible here.

Galaxy S10 Plus: Onscreen: Offscreen:
Manhattan 3.0 (Exynos 9820): 56 102
Manhattan 3.1 (Exynos 9820): 37 69
Car Chase (Exynos 9820): 23 42
Manhattan 3.0: N/A 102
T-Rex: N/A 168

All done with GFXBench? Let's move on to 3D Mark:

Galaxy S10 Plus: Graphics: Slingshot Unlimited: Physics:
Tomsguide: 5648 N/A N/A
Hothardware: 7087 6209 4332


As you'd likely have guessed by the incomplete 3D Mark table, testing for the Galaxy S10 Plus is currently underway. The good news is that GeekBench performance of Samsung's Exynos 9820 is more or less on par with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855. Android desperately needs a second processor option, and Samsung might be back in the game this year.

Speaking of games, Qualcomm's Adreno maintains its lead this year, but ARM's Mali has narrowed down the difference. One problem that has been present with Samsung's Exynos processors is their underperforming GPUs. In the near future, this might change, but we won't hedge our bets for now.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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