Galaxy S10 Plus Crushes the Competition in DxOMark’s Camera Tests – Front Sensors Win Top Spot

Omar Sohail

When it comes to smartphones, one of the main pillars for buying one is a really good camera. DxOMark, which is a reliable source of image quality measurements and ratings, has already tested the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the phone has come out a winner. The phone not only thrashed the cheaper Xiaomi Mi 9, which was recently crowned as the third-best handset for photography, it also one-upped Huawei’s flagship in one category.

It Remains to Be Seen if the Huawei P30 Pro Will Snatch the Crown From the Galaxy S10 Plus

According to DxOMark, the Galaxy S10 Plus takes the crown for the best overall handset camera system for still imagery. The phone received a score of 114 for its rear cameras for still photography, which is the same score that Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro received. The results for video are also similar for the three phones, as the Galaxy S10 Plus matched Mate 20 Pro’s score of 97, but the P20 Pro retained the top spot with a score of 98.

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However, the Galaxy S10 Plus scored 96 points on the selfie test, which is much higher than the score of 75 and 72 achieved by the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro, respectively. It sure seems that the two selfie cameras have greatly upped the Galaxy S10 Plus’ selfie game. This means that all things considered, the Galaxy S10 Plus is the best phone for photography in the market currently.

Some of the things the selfie camera of the Galaxy S10 Plus was praised for included low noise, pleasant skin tones, and color rendering. However, DxOMark says that due to the camera’s narrow depth of field, faces appear soft in group portraits. Moreover, the selfies lose out on the finer details in low light conditions. The rear cameras were hailed for good color rendering and accurate white balance, among other things.

DxOMark is yet to test some key features of the Galaxy S10, including its HDR10+ video recording and it remains to be seen if the phone can outperform other devices in these tests too. It will be pretty interesting to see how the Huawei P30 Pro will hold up when it’s unveiled next month, and let’s not forget the rumored triple-camera iPhone that’s expected to launch later this year.

News Source: DxOMark

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