Galaxy Prepares GTX 680 Super Overclock Featuring White Custom Designed PCB

Hassan Mujtaba

Galaxy Tech is preparing a Super Overclock variant of the GTX 680 GPU which utilizes its much acclaimed white PCB design. The graphics card looks alot like the Hall of Fame edition 680 which was exposed months ago.

The card model GALAXY "PGTX680-SOC/2GD5 WHITE" is a non-reference GTX 680 utilizing a custom PCB which is colored white and uses Dual 8 Pin connectors to power the VRM phases. Core clock is set at 1,150 MHz while Boost clock is set around 1215 MHz accompanied by a 2GB GDDR5 (256-bit) VRam which runs at the stock frequency of 6008MHz.

The card utilizes the Galaxy Hall of Fame edition cooler which makes use of three 90mm fans on a Dual slot design heatsink. Display outputs would include 3 Mini Display outputs and a single HDMI interface. Pricing would be higher over the reference models around $559+ range. Launch date remains not known for the time being.

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