Refurbished Galaxy Note7 Units Could Cost You Slightly Above $600 – Not Bad for a Previous-Gen Flagship

Galaxy Note7 refurbished price tag

Last year, Galaxy Note7 came with one of the biggest price tags for an Android flagship and looking at all the features it was touting, it honestly deserved that price. The launch of the phone would have been a successful one if not for the volatile battery saga that took place shortly afterward. However, it looks like Samsung definitely has not lost hope for its ill-fated phablet and plans to cover up the cost in whichever manner possible.

There have been rumors suggesting that the company will be planning to release refurbished units of the smartphone, and according to the latest info, the price tag of these models are going to be significantly cheaper than the actual retail price.

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Sources Claim That a Single Refurbished Galaxy Note7 Will Cost the Consumer Around $620

When it was released in South Korea, Galaxy Note7 was stamped with a 989,900 KRW, or $875 price tag. After the fallout that happened just weeks after its launch, Samsung pulled the plug on its production, with sources now claiming that the company has a different agenda for it. According to ETNews, refurbished models of the Galaxy Note7 could set the user back by $620 a piece, marking more than $250 off its original price tag.

Samsung would do well in releasing the handset in emerging markets like the ones in Asia. Lots of customers might be reluctant from purchasing one of these happens but as it so happens, the Galaxy S8+ features the exact same battery capacity and specifications as the Note7. Suffice to say, there were no explosions reported from the current flagship family, so it looks like battery woes are going to be the least of Samsung’s problems.

Previous claims have detailed different specifications for the phablet, however. The design of the 5.7-inch phone is said to be less aggressive and bear a flat screen to prevent battery problems occurring in the future. As for the actual capacity of the cell, it has been reported to be in the range 3,000-3,200mAh, being slightly smaller than the 3,500mAh capacity that originally made its way to the former flagship. Apart from this, the remaining hardware, as well as the functionality of the phone, is said to be the same.

Do you guys think that a $620 price tag for a refurbished Galaxy Note7 sounds reasonable? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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