Galaxy Note 8 Promotional Material Reveals All the Hardware Specs and More for the Camera

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 8 promo material

Prior to the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 that will take place on August 23, the promotional material of the smartphone has been leaked, revealing changes that will separate the phablet from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Samsung also managed to provide a little glimpse of its security features, and how it could actually be better than the limitations present in the earlier released flagship duo.

Galaxy Note 8 Boasts a Large 6.3-Inch Super AMOLED Display Plus Improved Iris Scanner in Promo Material

The promo material is scattered on several websites, showcasing what to expect from the Note 8. The first thing to notice is the larger 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display which will also sport the near-bezel-less form factor that popularized the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Marketed as an ‘Infinity Display’, you get more screen real estate, but thanks to the increased screen-to-body ratio, there is no room for a front-mounted fingerprint reader.

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So this security addition is present at the back side of the phone. In addition, this Galaxy Note 8 is also going to support Quick Charging, which is quite common in flagship smartphones these days. A dual-camera boasting 2x optical zoom has also been detailed, so it has been settled that this is going to be the limit for high-end phones.

Rumors claimed that the Note 8 will tout a 3x lossless zoom feature, but let us see if Samsung has something in the works that will make this possible. Last but certainly not least, the promotional material markets an improved iris scanner. What the company could be telling us is that it has made several changes to its security and with the purchase of the Galaxy Note 8, users might not be able to trick the scanner into unlocking the home screen.

The phone has been rumored to start selling as early as August 24, and if there is any other information that we missed, we will definitely make sure that it reaches you during the official announcement.

News Source: Slashleaks

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