Some Galaxy Note 8 Users Are Reporting That Their Phone Won’t Turn On or Charge When Battery Percentage Hits Zero

Galaxy Note 8 dual SIM available in US

The Galaxy Note 8 has been hailed as one of the best Note ever. After the disastrous Note 7, the Note 8 opened the way to redemption for Samsung. However, there seems to be some trouble seeping into the perfect world of the Note 8. Some Note 8 users have taken to Samsung forums to complain about a rather peculiar issue on the flagship, which can compromise on a lot for the users who are using it as their primary device.

According to some posts on forums, some Galaxy Note 8 users have been reporting that their phone won't switch on or charge once it has been through total battery drain, i.e. on 0%. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and has been replacing the affected units. For now, we can't say if this is the case with most of the users or just a handful.

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The affected units have been reported not to accept charging or even turn on after the battery drops down to 0% and turns off. Some users have also tried to swap the cables and chargers to ensure if there is something wrong with the charging unit, but after several tries, they realised that the problem is with their smartphone.

Ask for a replacement unit if your Note 8 is also affected

On the Samsung US forum, an admin named SamsungMel has suggested users return their affected Galaxy Note 8 for a warranty replacement unit. "This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately."

Carrier-bound units seem to be the most affected

As per the reports, it looks like only the carrier-bound units of the Note 8 have been plagued by the issue. Most of the users who have complained about the issue, own Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint units.

This issue can bring the unpleasant memories of the Note 7 for Samsung. The tragedy forced Samsung to bear massive losses and return millions of units. Thankfully, the issue with the Note 8 is not that dangerous and could be limited to some units only. If you own a Galaxy Note 8 and have been facing the same issue, we suggest that you must contact Samsung and ask for a replacement unit.

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