Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Best Buy, T-Mobile & More; Here’s How You Can

Ramish Zafar
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It's been only a couple of days since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The highlight of the device has been is its Iris scanner. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first flagship phablet to come with the feature. Support for it is limited at the time, as the Note 7 simply supports Samsung's apps at the moment. As time passes, we should see it become more common. If you've been following the device and want to pre-order it, here's how you can. Find out more below.

Here's How You Can Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 At Amazon, Verizon, Sam's Club And Others

Almost all major retailers have now started to post their offerings for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You can place the orders online, or physically depending on preference. The device comes with a retail price in the ballpark of $850. For a list of individual retailers, you can start by taking a look at the list below.

Best Buy:

For that price tag, the Galaxy Note 7 will also come with complementary offerings. Best Buy will be one of the retailers who will offer the Note 7 will a free Gear Fit 2 wearable or a 256GB Micro SD card. It won't be a headset, which is a disappointment. The Note 7 had been rumored earlier to be bundled with it, but looks like overall focus on VR will be low key this time around.


After Best Buy, it's Sprint whose got a good deal for the Galaxy Note 7. At full retail, the carrier is offering the device for $849.99. Advance orders for the Galaxy Note 7 will once again feature either the Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB Micro SD card. If you're looking to get the device without a down payment, you'll have to pay $35.42 for 24 months. You'll also be able to purchase the device for $349.99 and a 24 month contract.


AT&T's got the most diverse offers for the Galaxy Note 7. Coming in three color options and three pricing options, the Galaxy Note 7 will cost you $29.34 or $36.67 with AT&T Next and AT&T New Year for 30 and 24 months respectively. You'll also be able to get a Galaxy S smartphone with the former, and receive $695 in billing credits.



T-Mobile's also got three color options for the Galaxy Note 7 and two pricing options. These are a full retail price of $850 and $70 down payment with installments of $32.50 for 2 years. When it comes to add-ons, T-Mobile's got an interesting offers. While you'll be able to choose from either a Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB Micro SD you will also get a full year of Netflix.


If you've got a trade in device for Verizon, the carrier has got several waivers and offers. If you're looking to avail device trade-ins, Verizon will offer up to $300 for select devices. Full retail price for the Galaxy Note 7 is $864. For a 24 month contract, you can also get the device for $36. Since the pre-orders for the carrier are online, if you want to get a Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB MicroSD card, you'll have to redeem one from either Samsung or Best Buy. For Best Buy, you're going to have to show your pre-order receipt at any store. For Verizon only orders, you're going to have to visit the Samsung Galaxy Offer website.

That concludes our Galaxy Note 7 pre-order coverage. This year's phablet from the Korean manufacturer comes with a lot of upgrades over its predecessor. But when compared to the Galaxy S7, it doesn't offer much in terms of change. Your choice depends on usage, particularly if you're looking for enterprise based or personal usage. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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