Galaxy Note 5 to be Released with Galaxy S6 Plus – No Note Edge This Year


Samsung introduced curves to the tech world with its Samsung Galaxy Note Edge last year. It was followed with an dual-curved Galaxy S6 Edge which instantly became a favorite of many tech enthusiasts. Samsung was now expected to launch Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 Edge keeping the tradition going. Seems like that's not exactly what Sammy has planned.

No "Edge" variant for Galaxy Note 5:

We have seen plenty of rumors time and again about a Plus version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Rumors claim that Samsung will release this product before the launch of Note 5 at IFA. Today's report claims that Samsung will not be releasing a Galaxy Note 5 Edge this year but would keep the Galaxy S6 Plus as its partner. This definitely sounds in line with earlier rumors of Galaxy S6 Plus which sounded as a device fitting nowhere between different products. However, it has started to look as if Samsung is treating the Plus version of S6 as a phablet device. While we haven't seen any rumor around the stylus for this phone, Sammy might decide to include the signature S Pen with Galaxy S6 Plus as well.

This latest rumor comes from a Chinese site that has aggregated its rumors from Eastern media sources. It confirms, citing various sources, that Note 5 will be given all the prominence this year with an expected release of dual-curved Galaxy S6 Plus alongside it. It seems logical from Samsung's point of view as Note Edge didn't do well in sales. Galaxy S6 Edge, however, was taken with much love and appreciation by the consumers. Keeping the dual curves of S6 Edge and increasing the size, Samsung will ensure that consumers get two high-end phablets with tested shapes and sizes.

It is still unknown if Samsung would just keep the curves of Galaxy S6 in this Plus Note with no extensive features or add in the functionality that Note Edge had brought in. In our point of view, it would be a strong selling point for Samsung to bring in all the features that Note Edge's curve had featured adding in a new layer of functionality to the larger smartphone. It is still to be seen if Samsung would be able to drive inspiration in developers for creating edge-specific functionality in their apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be released at IFA in September. Rumored Galaxy S6 Plus has seen many reports citing a release date for August before IFA.