Galaxy Note 5 Has Been Confirmed With 4 GB RAM

While this was always on the cards, Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet Galaxy Note 5 has been confirmed to be sporting 4 GB RAM, which is a whole gigabyte compared to the amount that is present on all variants of Galaxy S6. In addition to featuring 4 GB of RAM, it is also expected that the upcoming mobile powerhouse is going to feature the company’s homegrown Exynos 7422 SoC, which will most likely feature an octa-core processor running at higher frequencies compared to the processor present in Exynos 7420.

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4 GB RAM Present In Galaxy Note 5 Will Be Running At DD4 Speeds

According to the latest report, Galaxy Note 5 will have 4 GB of RAM running at DDR4 speeds. In order to remind you, this is the same type of RAM that is going to be present in OnePlus 2. Additionally, it is also expected that Galaxy Note 5 will be sporting a 5.67 Super AMOLED display that is going to be rendering the QHD display (1440p). While there were earlier reports stating the handset was going to feature a 4K resolution, it appears that Samsung has finally come to its senses.

The phablet sized smartphone is expected to feature a Type-C USB port, along with a beefy battery pack that will possess a capacity of 4,100 mAh. The smartphone is also going to be the first out of the Galaxy Note lineup that will feature a ‘Write to PDF’ function. Coming back to the internals of the upcoming device, Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to feature the company’s first ever true single-chip solution (ePOP).

This solution will be combining all of the components, which includes the octa-core 64-bit CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and the Shannon 333 LTE modem on to the same package, which will be really interesting to view after the smartphone gets torn down. Additionally, like all previous Galaxy Note handsets, Galaxy Note 5 will be featuring an S Pen, but with a unique feature, where the stylus will automatically pop out of its housing when a command or sensor has been executed by the user.

While there are no pricing details currently available, it is expected that Galaxy Note 5 is going to be officially announced during the month of August. We can’t tell you how excited we are to see how it performs in benchmarking tests, but unfortunately, this is all the news that we have at this current time. Like always, we will keep you updated with what will be coming next.



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