Galaxy Note 10 5G Leaked By FCC; Design Details Confirmed

Note 10 5G's various antennas.

We've got less than two weeks left before the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lineup is official. Courtesy of leaks and reports for the upcoming phablets, we've got a rough estimate of what to expect from them next month. Samsung will make several changes on the Note lineup this year, as it looks to compete with gadgets that have heavy-duty camera specifications and razor-thin display bezels. Today we've got another leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, so take a look below for more details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G's FCC Schematics Detail Positions For The Device's Antennas

Today we've managed to get our hands on the schematics of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 5G, which will make it to Verizon for American customers. Samsung's eager to introduce 5G capable devices in the market, despite the fact that carrier deployment of the next-generation cellular network is still in its early stages. It's been rumored that we'll get a special 5G Galaxy Note 10 next month, that follows in line with the 5G S10 introduced by Samsung earlier this year.

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This device has now surfaced on the FCC, a mere ten days before the Note 10 lineup is official. Courtesy of this leak, we can once again confirm key design details for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and see where Samsung will place the antennas on the phablet's 5G variant.


Taking a look at the images above, we can conclude that the Note 10 5G will feature three antennas to ensure that it can connect to the latest cellular frequencies. The phablet will also operate on the mmWave (30GHz to 300GHz) spectrum, as is shown by the module highlighted in blue in the fourth image above. Samsung's 5G Galaxy S10 has one 4G and one 5G antenna that work together to ensure smooth connectivity in case 5G signals aren't available.

In addition to 5G, it's also rumored that the Galaxy Note 10 lineup will feature upgraded processors. Samsung is rumored to introduce the 7nm EUV fabricated Exynos 9825 on the devices, despite not having officially launched or confirmed the processor. The Note 10 phablets will feature Samsung's DPSS M9 laser-drilled AMOLED displays with a front camera cut out present at the top. They're also rumored to start from 256GB storage and feature an upgraded S-Pen.

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