Galaxy Fold Durability of Updated Version Still Questionable, Though It’s More Robust Than Before

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Fold durability is tested out on the updated version

The Galaxy Fold has finally been released in South Korea. Samsung says that it has fixed the flaws that caused various problems with the first iteration of the foldable device. However, given phones sporting this form factor are still a rarity, you might have some reservations regarding its sturdiness. If you want to find out more about the Galaxy Fold durability, JerryRigEverything has put up a detailed video on his YouTube Channel.

Though the Hinge Is Much Sturdier, the Display Stills to Be Taken Care Of

Recently, Samsung shared a video which urged customers to handle the phone with care. Of course, this doesn’t really inspire confidence and the latest Galaxy Fold durability video from JerryRigEverything further proves that. As soon as the phone is turned on, the user is bombarded with instructions to go easy on the display. On top of that, the Galaxy Fold isn’t water or dust resistant, and given that there is a sizeable gap when the phone is folded, debris can easily enter inside those openings. In fact, the video shows that sand gravel can actually cause the display to scratch since it’s made of plastic and not glass.

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Speaking of the display, no screen protectors are allowed, which would have been okay if the screen was robust. However, it turns out that’s not the case. First off, the inner display does have a crease, which isn’t really aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, since it’s made of plastic, it scratches at level 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness. As a comparison, a normal glass display, like the Fold’s outer one for that matter, scratches at a level 6. This means that the internal display is so fragile that even your fingernail can scratch it.

What’s more, when a razor brushes against the raised part of the display in the video, one line of pixels is completely busted and loses its touch sensitivity too. This is something that doesn’t usually happen on a normal ‘candy-bar’ handset. The video also shows that from this point on, the display becomes troublesome, powering off sometimes. On the plus point, the screen seems to hold up pretty well against fire.

Does that mean that Galaxy Fold durability is all out unreliable? Not really, as the YouTuber says that it feels solid in the hands. More importantly, the hinge of the phone stays put even when it is bent in the opposite direction. Granted, there is a gentle curve, but there is no damage, which means the hinge is pretty strong.

The final verdict? Well, it seems like if Samsung somehow puts some kind of protection on the display and reduce the gap between the two parts to prevent dust from entering, the future iterations of the Galaxy Fold can actually turn out to be pretty robust devices. For now, you’ll have to extra careful with this one and why wouldn’t you? It costs a whopping $1980.

News Source: YouTube (JerryRigEverything)

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