Samsung Preparing to Relaunch the Galaxy Fold After Reportedly Resolving Its Display and Other Problems

Samsung Galaxy Fold display problems resolved

Samsung recently stated that all Galaxy Fold pre-orders will automatically be canceled if the device isn’t shipped by May 31, unless customers still want to go ahead, raising speculations that the release of the phone will be delayed indefinitely. However, Samsung’s mobile boss DJ Koh has now said that a decision will be made regarding the launch date in a couple of days, hinting that the Korean phone giant might have made some progress in resolving the display issues of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Mobile Chief Hasn’t Provided an Exact Release Date; Only Says Galaxy Fold Will Relaunch Very Soon

The South Korean powerhouse recalled all defective Galaxy Fold units after various journalists said that the main display of their review units failed on them within days of the device’s unboxing. The company soon opened an investigation into the defects that caused problems such as screen breaks and bulges. Samsung says that the issues arose because of substances entering the phone.

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The company is done with the internal audit of the samples that have suffered from problems. While some of the issues were caused because of the exposure of the top and bottom of the hinge to external substances, in other cases, users were responsible as they peeled off the protective layer on top of the display, which was an integral part of the display structure of the phone.

According to the Korea Herald, the company is currently deciding on the steps needed to prevent such problems in the future. The company plans to make the exposed parts of the hinge more durable and minimize the area between the bezel of the internal screen and the protective layer to prevent substances from entering the device.

When asked by journalists if the Galaxy Fold will be launched in the U.S within this month, Koh said that the company will not be too late, implying that the phone will be released sooner than expected. Previously, it was being speculated that the tablet-phone hybrid won’t be ready for launch until mid-June. That being said, since the phone has received a lot of negative publicity, it remains to be seen if consumers will be willing to shell out nearly $2,000 on the device.

Do you think Samsung has been able to remedy the problems existing in the Galaxy Fold, or are we looking at more issues down the road? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: The Korea Herald

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