Samsung Has Reportedly Made Improvements to the Galaxy Fold Design to Prevent the Previous Problems From Showing up Again

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Samsung Galaxy Fold design improvements

A little while back, Samsung’s mobile head Dj Koh told reporters that the company will not take too long to release the Galaxy Fold after addressing its problems. Now, if a new report from a South Korean publication is to go by, the company has revised the phone’s hardware and is currently reviewing its launch plan. This means that Samsung did not engineer a brand new device from scratch but adjust some minor design areas to prevent problems that appeared earlier.

With the New Changes, Users Will Not Be Able to Remove the Plastic Layer From the Galaxy Fold

Samsung was forced to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold after numerous reviewers reported problems with the phone’s display. The South Korean giant subsequently recalled all the review units for an internal review process and the company has now apparently addressed the problems that caused the issues.

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According to the report, Samsung has made the plastic film on the phone, which many users mistook for a removable screen protector, non-removable. The plastic layer has reportedly been tucked under the bezels of the phone, to prevent any further confusion. This is expected to prevent irreparable damage to the display. Samsung has also reportedly made the hinge shorter so that it sits under the existing frame and no part of it remains exposed. This would prevent foreign substances from penetrating the device and potentially causing harm to the OLED screen.

Industry insiders claim that Samsung has already started testing the revised Galaxy Fold units with South Korean carriers and if everything goes smoothly, the company might announce a release date as early as this month. The device might come out in June, and this will pitch it directly against the Huawei Mate X.

In the U.S., the Galaxy Fold carries a jaw-dropping price tag of nearly $2000 and after all this, not many people would be invested to fork over a fortune on the device. Samsung is also said to preparing more foldable devices with different form factors and hopefully, the company will thoroughly test them this time around before prematurely launching them.

Naturally, no one was expecting the first crop of foldable phones to be perfect and as the ill-fated Galaxy Fold has shown, manufacturers still have a long way to go. It remains to be seen if the outward folding Mate X will do any better when it comes to durability as well as longevity.

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