Gaijin Still Discussing Crossplay with Sony as Their New Policies Add Cross-Progression Limitations

Alessio Palumbo

Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev isn't one to mince words. Even when Sony announced their crossplay beta program with Fortnite he was only cautiously optimistic about the news, which proved to be a correct stance a few months later as Sony kept refusing to give Gaijin clearance to allow full-blown crossplay in War Thunder with all platforms (Xbox One included).

We recently had the opportunity to chat once again with the Gaijin CEO. Given that so many crossplay titles have been added to the market since we last spoke, we asked him if the developers were now any closer to realizing their crossplay dream. As it turns out, the new policies actually introduce limitations when it comes to cross-progression that weren't there before.

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New policies are not just “better for crossplay”. They also add some limitations compared to the old ones. For instance, our PlayStation 4 players are currently able to play on PC [in War Thunder] keeping all their progress on the same account. It looks like that won’t be possible with new policies applied.
So we are still discussing this.

Understandably, Gaijin has decided to keep cross-progression active for now while they figure out with Sony whether these new limitations added with the crossplay policies can be overcome. In the meantime, War Thunder players remain locked to their separate crossplay options: PC with PlayStation 4, or PC with Xbox One.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Anton Yudintsev, due for publishing tomorrow.

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