Future Version of Google Messages to Bring Emoji Reactions for Individual Texts

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Android's never-ending battle with implementing RCS standard across all devices is far from over. The rollout is as slow as molasses, and it'll be years before it is available globally. Furthermore, it is nowhere close to market leaders like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Thankfully, Google is working hard towards bringing Google Messages on par with the aforementioned application. A future version of Google Messages will let you react to individual messages, as highlighted by Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter.

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This functionality is by no means new and already exists in competing services like iMessage. The available list of reactions appears to be identical to what Facebook offers in Messenger. The reactions are thumbs up, thumbs down, heart-eyes, laugh emoji, sad emoji, and angry emoji. While they're an acceptable range of reactions one can have for a text, it would be great of Google mixed things up a little. A vomit emoji reaction, maybe?

Interestingly, WhatsApp and Telegram are also yet to implement this functionality in their apps. As expected, the ability to react to texts on Google Messages will come at a much later date. Needless to say, it will only be available to users that have RCS functionality enabled. A lot of regions don't have it yet, and Google is fairly tight-lipped about its RCS plans. It could take months, or even years, in some regions as some features such as end-to-end encryption won't sit well with local authorities.

Another interesting feature that Google is working on involves doodling on images before you send them. It was discovered by 9to5Google in their APK teardown of the latest Google Messages beta. Although the drawing tools provided are limited, they should be enough to make basic annotations, highlights, and illustrations. These features are currently available in the Google Messages beta. You can sign up for it by going here.

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