Google Messages Finally Lets You React to a Message from an iPhone

Furqan Shahid
Google Messages Finally Lets You React to a Message from an iPhone

The battle between Android and iOS has gone through several turns, and one of the biggest bones of contention is the fact that iOS has iMessage whereas Android users are left behind. However, Google has not given up on the users that quickly, as the company has been trying to make messaging a lot easier between iOS and Android users. Google Messages can now allow users to react to messages that are sent from an iPhone.

Google Messages Reactions for Messages Sent From iPhone is a Small Step in a Long Journey

Based on the news from a Reddit user, Google Messages users can simply go ahead and react to the messages that they have received from an iPhone. However, at the time of writing, Android is able to interpret iPhone reactions but not the other way around, which means that Apple will now have to make sure that this feature works so the reactions can show up on both ends.

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One thing to note here is that the feature is only available in the beta version of Google Messages, and it will take some time before it starts rolling out on a stable channel. Even then, it is worth noting that Apple will also need to be sure that the feature is properly ready since it is not something that only one side can enjoy.

Apple and Google will be at it for some time, with Apple's decision not to move to RCS and Google constantly pushing it. However, this new move is a step in the right direction and could open up a world of possibilities, but for now, this is far as a proper experience would go.

Have you received the latest update on Google Messages? Let us know how the experience has been.

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