Sony Music is being hacked hackers announce it on Twitter


These are some pretty bold hackers, first these guys hack PBS and post a fake news regarding Tupac being found and now they release a tweet saying they are stealing "internal data" from Sony openly on Twitter, the tweet has gotten over 100 (maybe 1000?) retweets already and is catching the attention of sites everywhere. Whether this is an empty threat or whether they really are attacking Sony right now is not verified so far these guys have proven to be a threat by attacking PBS and right now they can further delay Sony's full return by the end of the week if they are indeed doing something serious to Sony.

Here is their tweet and below is a picture of the tweet:

Someone mentioned this picture of them (lulzsec) being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal:

UPDATE: They have just announced that they are going to attack Sony Music i.e Qriocity. So PSN is safe! HERE is a link to the tweet

I for one am getting tired of these attacks on Sony, What are these hackers achieving by downing PSN or other Sony services? Sure Sony is harmed but along with Sony people who own PS3's and other entertainment devices are also affected, Anonymous was at least generous enough to back off when they found out their DDoS on the PSN was causing innocent users inconvenience but these guys are without a conscience that they don't see the harm of their actions on the consumers.

How much longer will these hackers take their revenge on Sony for GeoHot? Both have buried the shovel and called in a truce and STILL these imbeciles refuse to put down the gun. How much longer will this nonsense continue? Why don't these people find some common sense and see this is all over and that they are doing nothing more than adding fuel to an already extinguished fire, no matter how hard these hackers try all they are really doing is causing temporary damage which can be repaired by Sony over time but in the end it's the people that are really suffering. I for one am glad that I can finally go online and enjoy some Killzone 3 but if these hackers aim to constantly bring down PSN than what are they hoping to achieve?

I honestly don't understand what these "heroes" think they are doing is right, why can't we put GeoHot and Sony behind us and MOVE ON with our lives people? I for one hope this is a hoax or something and

PSN store comes back on Friday as scheduled