Free hack released for the PS3


PSJailbreak has caught our attention very well over the past few days but now there might be some bad news for PSJailbreak, they have a new competitor against them who have released an open source hack and something which is far superior to the PSJailbreak in many ways. Although the hack doesn't allow games to be copied to the HDD of the PS3 it does support homebrew its only a matter of time before it will also be ready for some HDD copy action. Among other features in this new hack called "PSGroove" are many features which may have caused people to re consider buying the very heavily priced PSJailbreak are:

Developers of the PSGroove have also removed code found in the original Jailbreak that locks up the PlayStation 3 if the USB stick is removed, making it safe to remove the hack at any point.

The PSGroove then, allows people to put unsigned, unencrypted code onto a retail PS3 paving the way for bedroom development. And, potentially, other not-so-savoury ideas, we're sure.

The fact that the new hack is open source code also proves that no copyrighted Sony materials are used in triggering the exploit, which the

I for one condone piracy and do not plan on ever using any hack on my precious PS3 any time now or even in the distant future but I have a feeling that if PSGroove does get the ability to run back ups as well I can predict PS3 sales soaring through the roof any time now.

PSJailbreak will have to bring more to the table if they want to save them selves from losing sales but what can they possibly do to defeat open source? It seems PSJailbreak has met their match.

Source: EuroGamer